Texas AKC Puppies

Texas AKC Puppies sells trained and registered Golden Retrievers. Our training starts at 3 days old with ENS (early neurological stimulation) then we move on to puppy culture, potty training, kennel training, confidence building, the staircase, environmental exposure and loose leash training. Our dogs are AKC registered to ensure quality. All our dogs come with a two year genetic health guarantee.

Michelle Stawski has been breeding American Kennel Club dogs for 16 years and fully supports the organization and their efforts to improve the lives of dogs everywhere with such programs as the AKC Canine Health Foundation, Rescue Network, AKC Reunite, AKC Humane Fund, Protecting Your Rights and so on. The American Kennel Club is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for all dogs. For more information please visit [AKC.org]

We do not mass-produce golden retriever pups. We only have a few select litters per year to allow us to give each puppy the undivided attention they need. We spend a lot of time building a solid foundation and a strong, healthy and balanced relationship with your dog. All littermates have their own unique personalities. Some puppies are more active and need more mental stimulation than others. It does help to let us know what lifestyle you live and what you are expecting from the puppy.

Our facility is located in Terrell, Tx on over 20 acres of land to explore and practice recall, large ponds and swimming pools where we play water retrieving games.

Our commitment to our puppies does not stop once they are adopted but continues throughout their entire life. We strive to be available to the adoptive families to assist them in achieving the best relationship between them and their lifelong companion. We run the Dallas/ Fort Worth Golden Retriever meet up group where we celebrate our doggies birthday, have our Christmas party and our very well known Golden Retriever Halloween Costume Contest.

Texas AKC Puppies